DJ $PILLZ was born in Pensacola, FL. He moved to the Philadelphia area when he was 5 years old. At age 7, $PILLZ fell in love with music after his uncle Scott from Pensacola, who managed a record store, sent him Beastie Boys and Run DMC cassette tapes. After that young $pillz began building his collection of music. He would make his own remixes using 2 or 3 cassette recorders at once. Then he would make mix tapes and pass them out to all his lil bratty, punk ass friends for their listening pleasure.

At age 10 Young $PILLZ put his music a side for a little and moved to italy to became a five star chef. He cheffed up some of the finest cuisine ever tasted. People would come from miles away to taste such dishes as his: Aged bologna spagetti topped with a pickled hard boiled egg sauce and lets not forget the all so famous spicy Jamican pigs feet over easy wrapped in miniature lambs tounge with a sprinkle of yellow-tailed woolly monkey urine, (very rare). But his passion was still music. He gave the chef life up, the money, cars and women, everything and moved back home at the age of 11. He had also become quite a fat ass living in Italy and had to join a gym to lose the extra 237 pounds he had put on.

Speeding things up, $PILLZ finally got to spin on turntables when he 17. He fell in love! At the age of 18, $PILLZ bought a pair of Technic turntables. He then began to learn the fundamental skills of scratching and mixing. Soon after, $PILLZ began spinning at house parties, later moving onto bars and clubs in the Philadelphia area.

For a change of lifestyle and scenary, $PILLZ decided to move to Orlando, Florida where he met DJ DoctaDawe and Philthy Phil. $PILLZ, DJ DoctaDawe, and Philthy Phil created Deafening Audio, where they began throwing parties and obtained residency spots all over Orlando. $PILLZ spun for various events like MTV’s Reality Bar Crawl featuring cast members from Real World and Road Rules in Tampa, Florida, WMC events in Miami and clubs all over the US.

Currently, DJ $PILLZ lives in California. DJ $PILLZ makes his own remixes and is always making new mixed cds. Do you like how this whole bio was all in the “third person” but it was really me the whole time? Enjoy my mixes. There’ll be more to come including video mixes.